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European Junior Golf Tour

Health and Safety policy

The European Junior Golf Tour has an online Health and Safety policy on their website plus an individual Risk Assessment for each event venue.


Golf Course Safety

All the unique aspects of the golf course are taken into consideration to create a bespoke risk assessment, tailored to the course’s topography, ability to cope with extreme weather conditions, access routes, surrounding property, biodiversity and procedures.

Some of the risks we can consider during a golf course risk assessment survey are:

  • Pedestrian hazards and player safety at blind tee shots, doglegs and on hidden greens
  • Golf course etiquette at pinch points between players and greenkeepers
  • Golf course evacuation procedures – in the case of lightning, storms, gales and fog
  • Course water levels and the impact of heavy rain
  • Water hazards on the course and the safety measures around them
  • Tree hazards such as diseased and unstable trees
  • Gritting and salting facilities for use in icy and snowy conditions
  • The impact of deviant balls on those using adjacent fairways, tees and greens
  • The impact of misdirected shots on property, cars and people
  • The legibility of warning signs on the course and whether they are obscured by vegetation
  • Warnings in place e.g. on the dangers of retrieving out-of-bound balls
  • Dangers that may exist due to Public Rights of Way crossing the golf course
  • Ladder safety in cases where ladders are provided for the use of those teeing off into a valley
  • Water management and the provision of drinking water on the course
  • Guidance on hand washing after handling balls that could have come into contact with fertilizers and insecticides
  • First aid facilities can be used if a player is stung or bitten by an insect, animal or reptile

Injuries or Accidents

The European Junior Golf Tour has strict rules and a marshal is in place to advise, the Tour will not be held responsible for any accidents or injuries that happen at any of the events. Competitors play at their own risk. Spectators walk the course also at their own risk.